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Coucou September 26, 2016

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coucou  Wonderful cat by the name of Coucou      (borrowed from Tricot’s Follies on Facebook)



It’s A Baby Flicker! September 23, 2016

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A baby Flicker on the neighbor’s roof.  Too small and too distant for a photo but spotted with the aid of the binoculars.  Exciting.



Waiting For The School Bus

img_1346  What better thing to do than to examine your friend’s Pokemon card collection?

img_1347And then the bus was sighted and there was a scramble to form a line

img_1348An orderly procession onto the bus.

img_1350Goodbye – the 3 Pokemon enthusiasts are sitting all together there in the front seat.


Return of the Northern Flicker

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Birds have been relatively scarce in the garden this summer.  One of my favorites is the Northern Flicker.   I felt that I hadn’t sighted this bird for about a month at least.  But Hooray, I saw one late this afternoon.


220px-Northern_Flicker from wikipedia

We have occasionally seen a hummingbird.



And every day the Steller Jays land on our deck.




McCullough Gym September 21, 2016

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mccullough-gym     A corner of McCullough Gym, Middlebury College, Vermont

mccullough-gym  a postcard photo taken in 1914

john_g_mccullough  John Griffin McCullough

Having written my previous blog entry about David McCullough I wondered if there was any connection with the McCullough Gym at Middlebury .  The answer is no, at least so far as I can find out with my limited research.  The McCullough we are writing about here was John G McCullough, the former Governor of Vermont.  He had an interesting career as an attorney, politician, and business man.  I found some other interesting facts.  The building was built in 1912.  (The year my mother was born.)  It was initially built for the men of the college, but in my years, 1954-1958, it was known as the Women’s Gym.


David McCullough September 20, 2016

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David McCullough was the speaker at the Middlebury College graduation ceremonies for the Class of 1986.  His speech is one of the final vignettes in the book I just finished reading, Brave Companions, Portraits in History.  As regular readers of this blog know, I am a Middlebury graduate, Class of 1958.  And I am a proud supporter of Middlebury.   McCullough urges the graduating class to travel far and wide and read read read, recognizing history along the way.

In his closing remarks McCullough says “Wherever you go, don’t forget Vermont.  Don’t forget this lovely town and these mountains and the people who live here.  Go with confidence.  Prize tolerance and horse sense.  And somewhere along the way, do something for your country.”  We might well heed this advice in these turbulent pre-election times.









History Reading Blitz September 19, 2016

In working on my genealogy I have been in the mood to read all sorts of history books –

mostly but not all non-fiction.  Here are some of my latest.