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Cannon Hill February 17, 2017

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Making memories

cannon hill

We are rounding up our calorie-burning Comeragh hike. Before we are done, I want to share this post about a small but very important part of Comeragh Mountains –  Cannon Hill,  one of beloved places  of Clonmel people  ( I have already written about Carey Castle, St. Patrick’s Well and some other local favorites).

We take the left turn up a narrow road just before the Carey Castle sign, and start our walk along the side of Cannon Hill. There are two roads, the upper one is wider, and there is a nice space for parking. A couple of years ago I came here to assess the old farmhouse ruins for a photo session. I had only one hour, but there was the man with his dogs, and he started a conversation that lasted 40 minutes 🙂 He introduced himself as Richard, and it came out he is a father-in-law of my former colleague…

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Another Symbol February 15, 2017

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renaissance-clothing-1450-1550  Symbol to indicate a woman who lived in England 1430-1550.   The symbol was titled Renaissance Clothing 1430-1550 but I think it shows much more about that time period in history.  I found the symbol with respect to my 14th Great Grandmother Ann Clapp who lived from 1455-1500.  I like the image.


Royal Symbol February 12, 2017

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symbol-earls-or-barons  Symbol to indicate an ancestor was an Earl or a Baron

Interesting to find in my search for ancestors on ancestry.com – e.g. my 19th Great Grandfather Sir Thomas Howland/Holland 1383-1460


Skating Through Time on a Snow Day February 9, 2017

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A Scholarly Skater

Snow day! Who doesn’t love those words? Here in the northeastern United States, we are currently having a nice snow day, which makes it seem like a perfect time to do the second part of the winter paintings series I started around Christmas time.

While part one was about winter landscapes, part two is about ice skating paintings! Before roughly the beginning of the twentieth century, ice skating was something you could only do in the coldest months. That’s so strange to me, since I skate pretty much every day of the year. Care to look at some old-fashioned ice skating?

pieter_bruegel_the_elder_-_winter_landscape_with_skaters_and_bird_trap_-_wga03333 Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1526/1530–1569) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons “Winter Landscape with Skaters and a Bird Trap” (1565) by Pieter Brueghel the Elder Dutch artists have always been big on scenes of daily life and representations of their snowy native landscape, so they made a lot of the earliest skating paintings. I love how…

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Coat Of Arms

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lauginger-coa  The Coat of Arms of my 17th Great Grandfather Hans Lauginger.  Hans was born in Wurtenberg Germany in 1372.  A bit before Martin Luther’s time.  Could we say he was a preLutheran?


Seen On My Walk

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img_2338       img_2337

How is this for a vintage car?  A Cadillac-Oldsmobile.  I don’t think this flashy green is the original color!  However a google search revealed 2 bright green vintage cars:

1953-cadillac-oldsmobile  1953 Cadillac


1971 Oldsmobile


Where Is The Robin? February 7, 2017

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robin-from-naturalist-notebook  photo credit: The Naturalists Notebook

img_2311  View from my kitchen window Feb. 4