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Knitting with an old friend August 6, 2007

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I had a visit from an old friend during this past week.  Last year she joined up with me to attend a week of knitting and spinning in Orkney – more about that later – this summer we visited together here in Dublin.  And one of our activities was KNITTING.   We spurred each other on as we sat and talked.

My friend Bonnie’s knitting project was a child’s cardigan – shown below along with my medallion blanket (under consideration for being morphed to something else). 


I also worked on sewing in the ends to Hodge Podge Blanket No. 4 and Bonnie started knitting squares for Hodge Podge No. 5.  And we even had sunshine in the garden.


 Bonnie knitting a pink square with yarn from my stash and me sewing ends on Hodge Podge 4.

Bonnie knit several more squares while she was here and I knit a couple also, using her technique.  She said she would try to knit another on the plane enroute back to NYC.  Now that’s a friend for you who will help you knit up yarn from your stash.


4 Responses to “Knitting with an old friend”

  1. Susan Says:

    A friend indeed Janet 🙂 I love that she’s helping you knit up your stash. Btw, is your stash reducing at all???

  2. Leigh Says:

    And you’re both in yellow, too! Very nice!

  3. Old Knitter Says:

    What a wonderful place to spend your day knitting….how lucky you are.

  4. Bonnie Mairs Says:

    I remember those days very well. It was really fun to talk and knit and eat Ian’s good food and visit the market and your sketching class and several farms! Reading a year and a half of your blog this afternoon feels as though we are together. I have taken note of some of your recommended books and will request them at the library. Wish I could bring myself to give away/sell some of my books. They are threatening to take over my apartment. I have susccerssfully hidden all my wool; think I have more than you and I inherited my mother’s stash.

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