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ROW 66, 750 STITCHES August 15, 2007

Filed under: Knitting,Sea Stallion — Janet @ 8:10 pm

A recap of previous entries – When I reached row 66 and counted approximately 750 stitches on my medallion blanket I decided things were not going exactly according to plan.  In a previous post I referred to this as a knitting disaster.  Well, as a glutton for punishment, I am trying again with the circular blanket idea but now I am reverting to the pinwheel blanket pattern, previously pictured.  Pinwheel blanket 2 is progressing.  The radius is about 10 inches and I am approaching 400 stitches.  All seems well albeit progress is slow.                     pinwheel-blanket-2-at-10-inches.jpg      How much further will I knit?  Quite a bit, I hope, all in the interest of stash reduction.

Today I went to see the Sea Stallion again.  Yesterday it was so exciting to see the red and yellow sail of the Sea Stallion in the distance and then to cheer its arrival at Custom House Quay.       sea-stallion-sail-a-dot-in-the-distance.jpg             


Today I spent a bit of time in the Viking Village and admired the displays and the costumes of the “Vikings”.

viking-demonstrator.jpg   Viking demonstrator


2 Responses to “ROW 66, 750 STITCHES”

  1. angelanoel Says:

    I’m working on a pinwheel blanket, too. Mine’s only about 5″ in diameter but I only started it Sunday and I’m a rather slow knitter. 🙂

  2. Freyalyn Says:

    Hiya Janet, I’m here….

    Thanks for the Viking pics. Very interesting, and the lady’s costume looks extremely authentic, which is better that what we seem to get in York most of the time.

    Have you sorted out the pinwheel? There’s a similar one in the Gathering of Lace book which I can check for you if you like?

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