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Completion of the Blue Gansey December 2, 2007

Filed under: Knitting — Janet @ 2:51 pm

blue-sweaters-first-wearing-resized.jpg Here it is, the blue gansey completed.  I ran out of the orginal blue so had to substitute another blue for the top part of the yoke.  I knit this gansey using yarn unravelled from the ill-fitting gansey.      ill-fitting-sweater-from-the-front.jpg

A great improvement, I think.

A few notes:  the yarn was Celtic Tivoli Aran Superwash, 100% wool, needle size 3.25 mm, instructions were issued by The Chamomile Studio, Rangeley, Maine – these Technique Sheets were among some patterns sent to me by my sister when she was moving house a couple of years ago.  I made up a simple alteration using some pearl stitches just to deviate from straight knitting.


2 Responses to “Completion of the Blue Gansey”

  1. merete Says:

    oh yes i dare say there is some similarities. that is odd. and mine is certainly inspired by irish sweaters and the cable is the aran braid from barbara walker. i am very honoured to have a commenter from ireland as i think i spent one of the most lovely weeks ever two years ago in ireland (cork, dublin) with my grown up nephew. and hence my next project will be an aran inspired cardigan for him. you have a lovely country and i don’t think i have ever felt so well recepted anywhere in this world.

  2. Dot Lumb Says:

    Well done Janet!

    You remind me I should be knitting a sleeve instead of sitting at the computer… I hope my jumper turns out as well as your Gansey.

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