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Knitting Hits the Headlines March 18, 2008

Filed under: Books,Knitting,Photography — Janet @ 12:50 pm

I, along with many other knitters, am enjoying reading about the adventures of Franklin, a very enthusiastic blogger.  One of Franklin’s projects is to photograph 1000 knitters, each working on a particular scarf.  At this point he has photographed almost 500 knitters – I wonder how long the scarf is now.  He started out visiting yarn stores in the Chicago area but the project is now taking him further afield.  His latest exploits in Eau Claire Wisconsin hit the front page of the local newspaper.  Shooting 1000 stitches in time – photographer capturing 1000 knitters for book – so scream the headlines.  It’s really terrific to see knitting getting such publicity.  I’ll have to save this to show to the next person who tells me that knitting is dying out or that people no longer knit – I know that yarn stores are disappearing – but not the knitters and the enthusiasm for knitting.  Stitch N Bitch groups are springing up like wildfire all over Ireland.  And it’s not only a new generation of knitters – I have been asked to spend an evening helping a group of contemporaries to pick up the needles again.  In thinking about getting ready for this evening I find myself asking just what it is that has me so enthusiastic about this pastime.  It’s creative, it’s challenging, it’s colourful.  I’ll stop there for now.  The three C’s.


4 Responses to “Knitting Hits the Headlines”

  1. anne Says:

    Yes, knitting is all these things, but somehow there is still a default position which relegates it to a marginal position. For example, on the back of the Shreddies box , a big cartoon promational campaign. Subject: Knit by Nanas, with some stereotypical older ladies to back it up. not sure why this is so offensive, but it is

  2. willisweaver1 Says:

    The stereotype image needs an update – and it’s not a blue rinse. There’s a pop concert here in Ireland called the Electric Picnic – one of the booths there last year was a teepee where knitters gathered. I understand that it was very popular and these people were not so-called older ladies.

  3. shandy Says:

    Hi, Janet, Yes, I went to that exhibition at the Vand A all those years ago too. It was a highlight of my knitting career, because I wore a dark purple version of the Pompeii Jacket, knit in various dark and bright purply yarns. There’s a picture on my blog back a way. Standing beside a case of knitwear and wearing something not dissimilar was a unique experience in a museum.

  4. So glad to hear knitting is becoming more popular in Ireland. Here in the States, it’s been going crazy for quite a few years and I always am in awe of the fact that it isn’t as popular in Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. I saw an article about knitting in British Country Living though two months ago so it must be gathering some steam across the pond.

    p.s. lovely blog!

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