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Deltiology continued April 2, 2008

Filed under: Postage stamps,Postcards,Social history,Spinning — Janet @ 11:17 am

Just to continue a little bit from my previous blog about collecting postcards or deltiology – a hard word to remember.

amandas-dutch-postcard.jpg this is the Dutch postcard of the big wheel, as mentioned in my previous entry.

 standing-spinner-jean-francois-millet-smaller-size.jpg       and another postcard of a big wheel – this is a painting by Jean Francois Millet.

I have seen photographs but no postcards of the big wheel which was used in the West of Ireland.  I’ll be on the look-out for that postcard (if it exists) to add to my collection.

Now for knitting.  My ongoing stash reduction attack continues.  I have been knitting squares relentlessly/obsessively and now Hodge Podge 5 hodge-podge-5-smaller-size.jpg

is nearly finished.  I also have a good start on Hodge Podge 6.  I have separated out the weaving yarn that had found a temporary home in my knitting stash – usually because it was a colour I liked.  And I have set up a separate stash for sock knitting.  All in the interest of re-organizing, and a very satisfying exercise it has proved to be.

  stash-at-beginning-before-picture-smaller-size.jpg    this is the “before” picture of my knitting stash

 reassessment-of-knitting-stash-smaller-size.jpg   and the “after” picture

And as to reading – a rediscovered treasure from the 1970’s.  One Woman’s Arctic by Sheila Burnford.  A fascinating account of 2 summers spent in the far far North, very near the North Pole.        one-womans-arctic-smaller-size.jpg  One Woman’s Arctic by Sheila Burnford.


3 Responses to “Deltiology continued”

  1. Bettina Says:

    I’ll keep a lookout for one – do you have all the “textile” postcards from the museum in castlebar? I think I saw a photo of one of those big wheels – but it might not have been on the postcards… I have to take a closer look again at the next visit!
    or maybe it was a picture in the book by Judith Hoad: This is donegal weaving… do you know this book? I found it quite interesting, but you’d have to look for it 2nd hand!

  2. willisweaver1 Says:

    Yes, I think I have all the postcards from the museum in Castlebar. I plan to write a blog about some of them. I have a copy of the Judith Hoad book – that is a mine of information. The Lillias Mitchell books are good also with photographs of the different types of Irish spinning wheels.
    I would be delighted if you happen to find any old postcards for me – thanks!

  3. uli Says:

    i just found your blog entry while searching for pics of old spinning wheels (big “hand”-wheels). i already have a little collection of postcards with spinning motives as well, but i don’t know the books you are talking about. could one of these books help me to find out, what kind of wheels were used at what times and in which countries?

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