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Old photographs April 23, 2008

Over the weekend we had a computer glitch and we finally had to call in a computer doctor to solve the problem.  Honestly, the way we were pacing around, it was like waiting for the diagnosis about a sick child.  Joy and jubilation when the patient was pronounced to be well on the road to recovery and internet access was restored.  Why were we so upset?  As one friend suggested, it was upsetting all our routines.  Well, one routine I deviated from this past weekend was my usual Saturday morning at our local country co-operative market at Kilternan.  Instead, this Saturday morning was my only chance to go to the Trinity Book Sale.  This was the final day of the Book Sale and I hardly expected to find anything of interest.  I arrived shortly after it opened at 10 o’clock and was very surprised to find it so crowded.  I rummaged through the books on the various tables and no, I didn’t find any great treasures – a few small items but nothing much.  Still I got pleasure out of the searching.


 Third and final day of the Trinity Book Sale April 2008

Following my big expenditure of euro 2.60 at the sale, I decided to visit the shop at the National Gallery.  This visit also looked as if it was not going to bear fruit until…….I was leaving the shop and spotted a book of interest in the window display.  Back I went and ended up purchasing Framing the West, Images of Rural Ireland 1891-1920  What attracted me to the book were the old photographs, particularly those relating to spinning.  To quote from one particular link  “This collection put together by Breathnach (U. of Limerick, Ireland) aims to demonstrate the value of photographic images as historical evidence for scholars of Ireland. Drawing largely on the works of commercial photographer Robert J. Welch (1859-1936), 14 contributions discuss the history of photography in Ireland and explore what photography tells us about the social and economic history of the West of Ireland between 1890 and 1920. Topics addressed include the use of photography in Irish tourist literature, images of poverty, the cultural relationship between Welch and his subjects, the gender division of labor in commercial fisheries, and agricultural transformation of the Irish landscape.”

Quite a number of the old photographs also appear to have been postcards.  I must be on the lookout for those at future antique postcard hunting opportunities.


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