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Dissectologist June 5, 2009

Filed under: Baby knitting,Blogs,Jigsaw Puzzles,Photography — Janet @ 7:37 pm

Dissectologist – a person who likes to do jigsaw puzzles.  I am one of those.  Here is a a link to a 48 piece jigsaw puzzle made from one of my photos.  The photo is of Baby Surprise No. 4

band 140  Baby Surprise No. 4

I’m not sure I have succeeded with the link to the above.  Here is another photo puzzle.

Bloom 036  my photo of Bettina‘s colour wheel of natural dye results


3 Responses to “Dissectologist”

  1. Kaysea Ray Says:

    Hi Jan, What fun to see your photos and solve your puzzles. I have done all four…and somehow there was a piece missing for “early June photos!!!!” Take care, Kaysea

  2. Kaysea Ray Says:

    Hi again Jan, I just did another puzzle…and I now know where the “missing piece” is….under the picture! love, KC

  3. Lindy Says:

    I enjoyed your Zigzone puzzle, Janet. Thank you for reminding me of this great site. Many happy hours I have wasted on it in the past!

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