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Irish History June 9, 2009

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Sebastian Barry book               The Picture She Took  

A few days ago I wrote a blog  about my father-in-law and the First World War.  Still thinking about that, I just wanted to refer not only to the book mentioned in that blog (The Picture She Took) but also another book I read recently, Sebastian Barry’s A Long Long Way.  These 2 books portray so vividly some of the complexities of the involvement of Irishmen in the First World War.  Just after writing the previous blog I came across an old box of photographs taken by my father-in-law and his father at that time.  A real treasure and a tantalizing discovery.  Those photographs have been safely packed for our move to Seattle and at some point I’ll scan them and write more.


2 Responses to “Irish History”

  1. Joansie Says:

    I am so fascinated with your post. A couple of years ago I took an English Literature class at the university and wrote a report on the book “Dubliners”. I will have to check out the books you mentioned.

  2. mlegan Says:

    Books to add to my list of WWI books I want to read. Still looking at Goodbye to All that, but haven’t started yet. I look forward to seeing some of the pictures. I meant to comment on your previous post and set it aside — my great uncle fought in the Canadian forces in the war, and apparently spent the rest of his life wandering North America, turning up unexpectedly at my grandmothers house to the delight of the children. I often wonder what affect the war had that turned him into a wanderer.

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