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Collecting Postcards September 13, 2009

Filed under: Goats,Lawn bowling,Norway,Photography,Postage stamps,Postcards — Janet @ 7:03 pm

Deltiology again – I haven’t blogged about my postcard collection for a long time.  Well, today was Book Fair Day and not only did I buy and sell books (more buying than selling in good book dealer tradition) but I also bought some postcards.  My postcard collection is a bit eclectic to say the least.  I like postcards for the artwork.  I like postcards that remind me of the time when tinted postcards were popular.  I like postcards that remind me of places I have been.  I like postcards that have interesting stamps.  I like postcards that are old.  I like postcards that tell something about social history.  Etc. etc.


Today I bought 3 postcards.

Girl milking a goat in Norway 1905  Girl milking a goat in Norway.  Date 1905 approx.  I like postcards of animals – and this one make me think of a blog I read about raising goats in Devon.  I like old postcards.  As a rule, I like all things Scandinavian. 


Hardanger 1905  Hardanger, Norway  Postmark Bergen 1905.  A lovely stamp on this card written July 12th.  It is a tinted card.  The Hardanger Fjord was where I cycled, hiked, and stayed at the Youth Hostel in 1959.  I am reminded that it seemed to me that we had the same buffet meal 3 times a day. 

The Bell Bowling Green in Tewsbury  The Bell Bowling Green, Tewsbury.  Old postcards of bowling greens are rare – this is my first one.  Readers of this blog will know why I bought this postcard.


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