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Everyone Was Knitting September 28, 2009

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When I went to the Sunday Market in the People’s Park in Dun Laoghaire, it seemed as if everyone was knitting.  As I walked along the seafront to get to the Park what should I see but a girl sitting on a bench and knitting intently.  Looked like she was using thick yarn.

Knitting while enjoying the view  Knitting while enjoying the view across Dublin Bay to Howth


I continued on my way to the Market


Ian sept 09 207   Approach to the Sunday Market in the People’s Park

The first stand I found was my favourite Amani Crafts Ltd with Lucy Ndungu Lane from Kenya selling the Kazuri Beads.  Much to my surprise Lucy was knitting – I thought she had told me she didn’t know how.  Beyond her I could see several people sitting on the grass and concentrating on their knitting.   And another person standing and knitting while chatting with a friend orcustomer.

Having a chat  Having a chat while working away at her knitting


I proceeded  next door to The Yarn Room to see Stephanie and Maria.  Not surprising that they were knitting.  But here the reason for all the knitting became clear – Stephanie and Maria had organized their friends in the Market to knit squares for a comfort blanket.  The blanket is to be assembled by Stephanie and given to another Market friend who is ill.  I thought this was a great idea and I volunteered to knit a square as well.  So I was given a pair of size 10 needles and some uninteresting gray and white yarn, which I managed to exchange with Lucy – her green yarn was much more my colour to knit.





Ian sept 09 324   Here’s my effort so far – cast on 20 stitches and knit a square

After Stephanie stitches each person’s squares together to make up the blanket, I’ll try to get a picture to post.  Keep watching.


2 Responses to “Everyone Was Knitting”

  1. Lisa in Toronto Says:

    I was lucky enough to visit the Kazuri workshop in Nairobi.
    It was a great location, and the atmosphere was really nice.
    I happen to be wearing one of their necklaces today as I read your blog ….

  2. Dot Says:

    I love to learn about this special comfort blanket, I’m sure it will make a wonderful gift and make the recipient feel a bit better.

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