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Collecting Old Postcards October 21, 2009

Collecting old postcards – or deltiology revisited.

Another Dublin City Book Fair is approching – the next one is this coming Sunday October 24.  The day before the Dublin City Marathon – not that the 2 are connected but they are both on my calendar. 


At the Dublin City Book Fair  At the Dublin City Book Fair

Ever since last July I have been thinking my Dublin City Book Fair days were coming to an end – but we’re still here and I plan to participate again.  Most of my books are pretty stale, at least in my eyes and in those of my regular customers.  Not many new/collectable ones have been added in the intervening months.  In fact, as each month passes, I have been giving away a few more.  If business is slack at the Fair, then I have more time for knitting. 


However, I am looking forward to “just one more fair”.  I had hoped to see some of my bookselling friends last weekend when I was up in Belfast for a lawn bowling awards luncheon.  But the lunch went on for too long and it was too late to get over to the university area for the Belfast Book Fair.

In addition to the enjoyment of meeting up with bookselling friends and bookbuying customers or some combination thereof, I enjoy looking at postcards for sale.  And with each fair I usually add a few postcards to my eclectic collection.  I am particularly on the lookout for old postcards relating to textiles, and animals, and from different parts of the world where I have lived or travelled.  I prefer the tinted or black and white cards and especially those with a message and a stamp.  For an interesting article on the joys of deltiology I refer you to the deltiology      reference given above.

Here are a few photos of cards in my collection.

An Irish Spinner opt  an old postcard of an Irish woman at her spinning wheel


An Irish Spinning Wheel opt  an upright wheel for spinning flax


Coaling steamer St. Lucia 1912  Coaling steamer St. Lucia 1912


Old Guernsey Lady Knitting smaller size  old Guernsey lady, knitting


Amanda's postcard of the big wheel   an old postcard which I just love, not in my collection alas – the card belongs to a spinning friend, Amanda


postcard collection bowling green in England  one of my recent acquisitions – an old postcard of men doing lawn bowling on a green in England


3 Responses to “Collecting Old Postcards”

  1. mlegan Says:

    Deltiology – I love learning new words. Now if only I can remember it.

  2. Phyllis Says:

    I love your postcards, especially the spinning wheel cards.

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