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Baby Blankets November 15, 2009

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Here is the finished edition of baby blanket no. 1.

Dewey 073  Baby Blanket no. 1 – Knit with 2 strands of sock wool – 1 strand multicoloured, 1 strand plain – size 3  100 cm circular needle but not knit in a circle.  It was knit going back and forth all the time – garter stitch.  It’s packed now for our move across the street – I’ll put in the measurements when we get unpacked. 

Here is the remaining stash of knitting yarn – 50 balls of wool.

Dewey 070  Remaining stash of knitting yarn – 50 balls.

How many more baby blankets will I knit?  I’ve started my 2nd one so we’ll see how I get on.  I have 112 stitches for the 2nd one.  I am making it slightly narrower –  maybe 2 inches narrower – than baby blanket no. 1.

Dewey 074  the stash all packed and 3 different projects in the cat food boxes – all ready to be moved across the street to our temporary home

Might as well be getting some fun and some statistics out of this knitting, packing, and moving process.