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Pig Swallows Diamond December 2, 2009

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Pig swallows diamond – that was the leader for a small article in the Irish Times a couple of months ago.  It happened in Yorkshire.  The farmer was waiting for nature to take its course after a pig swallowed a diamond from a woman’s wedding ring.  I thought this was rather unusual and so saved the clipping.  Quite by coincidence I found the clipping again as I was thinking about writing a post about the latest natural happening at Airfield Farm – the birth of 10 little piglets.

Mama Sow and her 10 little piglets, 24 hours old

  piglets age 24 hours

  the piglets, 48 hours old – they looked about 3 times the size compared with 24 hours previous

I’ve been away for a couple of days but plan to go up to Airfield tomorrow to see how the family is doing.  Watch this space.