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Snippets From A Day in Dundrum, Dublin Ireland December 3, 2009

Excerpts from my diary for a night and day in early December:

  Moonlight, evening of December 2

  approx. 8:30 a.m., a view of the full moon in the western sky, as daylight comes, December 3 – the moon is that white circle seen through the upper branches of the tree

an email informs me that our belongings are well on their way to Seattle on the SS Rotterdam, due in Seattle on January 4th

10:15 a.m. – a man arrives to fit a carpet, just as I am going off to my final Irish class for this term.  Husband Ian left in charge.  On the way to my class I discover that my handwoven curtains are now buried in a skip.

  a stop for coffee at Starbucks in the Dundrum Town Centre.  I think about my curtains.

Irish class as enjoyable as ever

  Lunch at Harvey Nichols in the Dundrum Town Centre

a bit of shopping

and a walk to Airfield in the mid-afternoon to see how the piglets are doing

  Mama sow having a drink of water

the 10 five day old piglets are doing fine

 and two new goats have moved in next door to the piglets

a bit of Christmas shopping in the shop at Airfield and then coffee and tea with friends  – including 4 year old Alannah who was uneasy about seeing the piglets – Mama sow’s snorts were a bit frightening!

evening – knitting and the latest episode of Ros na Rún – a long running Irish soap


2 Responses to “Snippets From A Day in Dundrum, Dublin Ireland”

  1. Maire Ni Neachtain Says:

    Hi Janet, Glad you have kept up the Gaeilge. I wonder will you be able to find a class in Seattle? Most big cities in the US have an Irish community. I know of one Irish speaker in Vancouver, wrong country I know, but not too far from Seattle!!I am a big fan of Ros na Run too…..I think it is hilarious, all those goings on in a small Connemara village!! Years ago, before we had a tv, I met the head of TG4 , and I had never seen Ros na Run and he was horrified….I have rectified that in the last few years!!!
    Maith thu!!
    See you on Saturday, are you going to the Craft Fair? Marilyn and myself are meeteing tomorrow at the RDS and having a look around.

  2. 4badbill Says:

    It all sounds perfect. Will you continue your Irish lessons in Seattle, I wonder?

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