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A Day in History December 7, 2009

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I wonder how many of my readers have memories of December 7, 1941 – the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour.  Viewing the Second World War now from the European perspective, late 1941 seems very long after much of Europe had already been ravaged by war for over 2 years.   It was 5 o’clock in the evening when the news of the bombing in Pearl Harbour reached Boston on the East Coast of America.  I was 5 years old.  My memory is of sitting at a desk in our living room and accidentally spattering ink on the wallpaper – maybe my memory is playing tricks on me – as my sister points out, at 5 years of age what was I doing with a fountain pen and ink – I should have been using crayons.  My sister, age 14, thinks she was upstairs in her bedroom, probably reading a Nancy Drew book, and our father came up and told her the numbing news that was to drastically affect all our lives.  My mother was probably sitting in the living room knitting or preparing dinner out in the kitchen.  I don’t know where my brother and my other sister were.

Jean Miles of Jean’s Knitting was in Detroit Michigan.  She remembers her father dashing out of the house when he received a phone call telling him the news.  He was the bureau chief for the Associated Press.

Now here we are December 7, 2009.  I am in Dublin Ireland, Jean is in Edinburgh Scotland.  I am celebrating my 73rd birthday, Italian style.

   Happy Birthday Italian style, I was serenaded in Italian at L’Officina, and all present clapped


Update on the Piglets

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the piglets, 1 week old, and there are still 10 of them


Ship Ahoy

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I have recently found out that our belongings in the shipment to Seattle are about to reach Halifax Nova Scotia.  They are on board the Rotterdam owned by Hapag Lloyd in Hamburg.  The ship is scheduled to visit several Canadian ports before heading down the East Coast of North America, then through the Panama Canal to the Pacific, and on up to Seattle.  Most interesting.  I found this out thanks to Ship of the Day.

  Rotterdam Express, photo courtesy of Ship of the Day

The above not to be confused with another ship of similar name.

  MS Rotterdam cruise ship, flagship of the Holland America Line, photo courtesy of Ship of the Day