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Computer problems and Cats – Unrelated December 14, 2009

Filed under: Cats,Computers,Maps,Photography,Weather — Janet @ 9:55 am

Last night I was trying to put a new item on my sidebar and in the course of doing that I not only lost my visitors to this site map and information but also my weather pixie.  And I didn’t succeed in adding the new item to the side bar – I wanted to show the phases of the moon.  I beavered away at this for a long time, gave up, and came back to it this morning.  Alas.  I’ll send an sos to wordpress and see what happens.

Meanwhile here are a few random photos for your perusal.

The first picture was taken on the 48A bus a few months ago.  It was the first time I had ever seen a cat being transported on a bus – of course I don’t ride the bus all that often – but why not transport a cat that way.  Thinking about that reminds me of the dog that regularly went with his mistress on the bus from Upper Leeson Street to Grafton Street.  One day in town he disappeared but he found his own way home – on the bus.

  note not only the cat carrier but also the jacket the person is wearing

  a handsome cat


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