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Identification Parade December 22, 2009

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  My stash – December 22 2009

It’s time to pack my stash – so I’m going to identify the various yarns before I forget.  I have been using these yarns to knit the panels/blankets.  Once I’ve taken the label off the yarn I tend to promptly forget the manufacturer, despite always saving the labels.  So this is an aide memoir.

Rows 1 and 2 – The 4 skeins of brown alpaca in the front of the picture is from an alpaca farm, Alpacas of Ireland,  in County Kildare.  The yarn was generously given to me by a friend in our Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers.  This yarn is the base yarn for my current project, i.e. I will use one strand of brown alpaca throughout and the 2nd strand will be something else.       

Row 3 – The blue and green yarn on the left in Row 2 is 100g of Mirage, 50% wool, 50% premium acrylic, approx. 343 yards, 312 metres, King Cole Ltd.,purchased in The Wool Shop, Bangor Northern Ireland

The 2 balls of green yarn are Lodband Einband, Made in Iceland, Icelandic Textiles Ltd., 50 g, 225 m, pure new wool, purchased from The Yarn Room, Dun Laoghaire People’s Market and Ashford County Wicklow

  The Yarn Room in Ashford

The 3rd ball of green yarn is Lang Yarns, Jawoll, Superwash, 75% new wool, 18% nylon, 7% acrylic, 50 g, 210 m, Lang & Co., Switzerland, purchased from The Yarn Room

The ball of white yarn is Lodband Einband, the remainder of a 50 g ball, purchased from the Yarn Room

The 2 balls of purple yarn – I’m not sure how long I’ve had these or where they came from, they are wool.  I used to have a lot of this yarn but have gradually used it in projects, these 2 balls are all that remain.  I used some of the yarn in this blanket.      

Row 4  – The blue yarn is Einband.

The dark red yarn is all that remains of a skein used in my last project     

The light green yarn is Lang Yarns, Lawoll

Moving to the right, there are 2 balls of white Nature Spun yarn and 1 ball of Einband.

Finally, a ball of bright purple, Nature Spun

Row 5 –The blue yarn is Nature Spun Fingering Weight, 100% wool, 50 g, 310 yards, 283 m, gauge 7 sts. per inch, needle size 3, Brown Sheep Company, made in U.S.A., Mitchell, Nebraska, purchased from This is Knit, Powerscourt Town House, Dublin.  There is quite a bit of this blue in my first blanket.     

2 balls of bright red Nature Spun

1 red and grey ball of Admiral R Druck, Schoppel Wolle, Made in Germany, 75% Schurwolle, 25% Polyamid, 100 g , 420 m

1 ball of red and blue and green Superba Inca, 4 fadig, 785% superwash new wool, 25% polyamid, Rico Design

1 ball of red and blue and white yarn

1 ball of brown Lodband Einband

Row 6 – 1 ball of bright blue Nature Spun

2 balls of Admiral R Druck Schoppel Wolle, irregular stripes, green and brown and lt. bluebeing used in my current blanket        

1 ball of Admiral R Druck Schoppel Wolle, irregular stripes, white and brown and blue

2 balls of brown and white Opal, Made in Germany, Tutto Wolfgang Zwerger

1 ball of brown Lodband Einband

  More stash, being used in current project -1 ball of  Admiral R Druck and 2 balls of Lang Yarns


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