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Knitting Progress December 23, 2009

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  Just a quick note on my current knitting project, another blanket.  This is to show the yarns I am using and the progress to date.  In the first 5 inches I’ve used 3 of the irregular striped yarns, the brown alpaca yarn, and the blue and brown  Icelandic Einband.



Detective Stories

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    The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher or The Murder at Road Hill House by Kate Summerscale

What a good book this was.  If you want to follow the development and early days of detective story writing this is the book for you.  This book is about a murder case which happened in 1860 in England.  The case was most bizarre and was never solved to the 100% satisfaction of all concerned.  But I leave it to you to read the details.  I found it absolutely fascinating.


Mist and Cloud at Newgrange

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The Winter Solstice is now “yesterday’s news”.  There was disappointment at Newgrange on the official day of the Solstice, the morning of the 21st.  According to the article by Eileen Battersby in the Irish Times, there was general disappointment as eager watchers gathered and there was no sighting of the rising sun.  It was just cold and damp and misty.  People gradually put away their cameras and just exchanged greetings and comments.  Nevertheless, behind all that cloud and mist the sun was rising and nature’s cycle continues, the end of winter has begun.  And you can note the progress of the path of the sun by checking the times of sunrise and sunset each day and note the gradual lengthening of the days, in the Northern Hemisphere that is.

  not Newgrange on Dec. 21 – just a December morning view from the upstairs window of our house – the angle of the sun is so much further south than on a morning in June