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Will I Ever Be Discovered? December 26, 2009

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A while ago I read an article in the Irish Times about a woman artist in Northern Ireland who was not recognized as an artist of merit until she was age 84.  Her early life as a painter remained a secret until her son uncovered hundreds of her paintings in an old barn.  The discovery of the works lead to her first one-woman show in 1985 when she was 86.  Eleven years later, shortly before her death in her 97th year,  a retrospective of her work was presented at the Ulster Museum.  Her son and a journalist/art collector have written a book in tribute to her – Kathleen Isabella Metcalfe Mackie by Eamonn Mallie and Paddy Mackie

Similarly I read recently about a Cubanborn artist, resident in the U.S., who has been painting all her life but  only sold her first painting at the age of 89.  According to an article in the New York Times, Carmen Herrera, at age 94, is the hot new thing on the art scene.

A while ago I did a blog about Louise Bourgeois, born in 1911, and still being very creative.

Reading about these people is very inspiring to me.  I hope I will still be painting and knitting and weaving for many years to come.  I love those activities – and it is a thrill when friends and others admire my work.  I don’t aspire to such fame as the people mentioned above but I hope I am still able to get satisfaction from such work if I am fortunate enough to reach the higher decades – and possibly to feel I had made some sort of a mark on the art and craft world. 

I have framed the watercolour painting I completed recently in my Art Group.  Up until recently I have only been doing sketching but in the past month I added a bit of line and watercolour to my sketch of my knitting stash.  Here is the result.