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The Year 1969 in Review December 29, 2009

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National Geographic Cover September 1969      photo by Jim Sugar

Last night there was a very interesting programme on Irish Television RTE 1.  It was about a photographer, Jim Sugar, who came to Ireland from the U.S. in 1969 on a photographic assignment for the National Geographic.  He took 1000’s of photographs, only a few of which were actually published in the September 1969 issue of the magazine.  One of his photographs was used for the cover – an accolade indeed for a young 21 year old student.  The girl on the cover was a 16 year old student normally resident in Churchtown (near where I lived) at the time and she was visiting the Aran Islands while Jim was there.

Jim returned to Ireland during this past year, 2009, to see how Ireland had changed and to try to find the people and places he had photographed when he was here before.  It was a particularly fascinating programme for us because 1969 was the first summer we were here.  (We came to Dublin from Kenya in October 1968, preceded by a two month stay in Belfast.)

Among other subjects whom Jim photographed 40 years ago, he found the 1969 cover girl who is now the Director of the National Concert Hall.

I would like to obtain a copy of the September 1969 issue of the National Geographic.  Jim’s photographs really are a treasure, particularly his photo of a funeral procession in the Aran Islands.  My textile friends would be especially interested in what the men and women were wearing.