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Rock of Ages Musical December 30, 2009

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Rock of Ages Musical – this Broadway Show sounds like a lot of fun.  Back in the 1940’s after the Second World War, my father commuted each week between our home in Boston and his office in New York.  It used to be a big treat to go down to New York with my mother and be taken to a Broadway Show – sometimes to the Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes.  Now one of my sons and his wife, living in Glastonbury Connecticut, have treated themselves to a trip to New York to see the Rock of Ages Musical.  I hope they enjoyed this present day equivalent – I can still picture the Rockettes, all those years ago.  And in searching the internet, I find that the Rockettes are still going strong today.

Update on the weather – today I found a site that gives a lot of information about weather conditions worldwide.  A topic of much discussion and fascination.  Here’s a snippet for today – in Dublin there will be 7 hrs. 33 min. of daylight.  Tomorrow the day will be 1 min. 6 seconds longer.

Knitting update – here is another blanket finished -that makes 5, counting the one that sold.

Blanket no. 5 is on the right.  Note the remainder of the stash in the background – it’s definitely going down.