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Frosty reading January 5, 2010

Here’s a book to match the weather we’ve been having.  A wonderful book by Tove Jansson, an author I read many years ago.  Sometime in the 1970’s I read The Summer Book by this author and I thought it was absolutely magical.  It was about an artist and her grandaughter living on a tiny island in the Gulf of Finland.  I saw The Summer Book more recently in a new edition – thought it looked familiar but had to buy it and reread it.  Now I have read The True Deceiver, first published in Finland in 1982.  Now it has been translated into English and published by Sort of Books 2009.

Again, Tove Jansson’s writing is very atmospheric.  Somewhat austere.  Richly rewarding.  The story is set in a small village in Sweden, in the dead of winter.  There are 2 main characters, both very mysterious,  one woman cunning and devious, the other woman very naive and trusting.

Maybe some of you remember Tove Jansson better for her very popular children’s books. 

This photo was taken from Wikipedia.  The date for this book is 1948.