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Knitting Update February 2, 2010

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I’ve been blogging so much about Seattle lately that I haven’t written very much about my knitting.  But, never fear, a lot of knitting and yarn buying and knitting book buying have been going on.

  Two knitted blankets have now been completed – the top one I finished a week or so ago, and the bottom one was finished tonight.

  Completed blanket number 2

  And here’s the stash I have to work from for Blanket no. 3.  Yes I do plan to knit another blanket.  They are so easy and it’s so much fun to combine the colours.  As you can see, the blankets are done in garter stitch (knit every row), and I knit back and forth on a size 3 100cm long circular needle.  I use 2 strands of this sock or lace weight yarn.

The knitting book I ordered from Schoolhouse Press arrived today.  It looks a winner.

  a lot of historical information therein – I’m really looking forward to studying it in more detail

Here’s a clip about the book:

Everyday Knitting: Tales from a Ragpile Annemor Sundbo This fascinating book contains patterns and sweater fragments found in the “ragpile” of a Norwegian shoddy factory, which shredded old sweaters to recycle the material into quilt batting. When this textile designer purchased the last remaining shoddy factory in Norway, she began documenting “everyday” knitting from the past. Diagrams and patterns give advice on how to develop your own patterns from traditional motifs. This is a great collection of 20th century knitting, including bathing suits! Great photographs throughout. Paperback, 210 pp.

  Some of my knitting was done while James and 7 1/2 year old Ashley were trying out a tandem bicycle.  The decision was made to buy it and they’ll pick it up later this week.  Special blocks are being fitted on the pedals to help Ashley (and 5 1/2 year old sister Caitlin) reach that far and help in the cycling.

  I carried on knitting while Caitlin and Ashley and a friend snuggled  on the sofa and waited for Return of the Jedi to begin

  now I’m ready for a night off from the unpacking – I’ll take my Norwegian yarn recently purchased at The Acorn Yarn shop near University Village and start knitting a sleeveless sweater.  The yarn is Falk Dalegarn, 100% wool (REN NY ULL), and the colour is……you guessed it – acorn – pictured above on the left hand side of the back row in the stash.

  Acorn Street Yarn Store



10 Responses to “Knitting Update”

  1. Thanks for your comment in my blog. Annemor Sundbø’s bok is well-known in Norway, and I’m sure it will give you a lot of joy.
    To answer your question: the sun rises every day 5 minutes earlier, so that by May 20, we will have sun 24 hours a day, provided that it’s not clouded, of course.

  2. mlegan Says:

    So there may be more pom pom makers in there somewhere?

  3. 4badbill Says:

    The blankets are looking good!!! I hope your unpacking is nearly done. . .

  4. Joanna Says:

    Hi Janet,
    Hope the unpacking and floor drying are coming along well.
    I am a fan of Acorn Street too.

  5. That’s impressive that you’re knitting blankets on relatively small needles! That would take me forever!!

    The tandem bike looks fun (for other people…..I’m too chicken!)


    • Janet Says:

      Sue – I agree about the tandem bike – not for me but I do fit on the back of that bike so who knows whether my son will ever take me or not. What I did do though, for the first time in about 20 years, was to actually ride an ordinary 2 wheeler. I had to find one with the old fashioned steep diagonal crossbar so that I could get on it easily and also reach the ground with my feet. I wobbled off down the street and it felt great – I was really exhilirated. I told my sister in Milford N.H. about it and she said oh now she would worry about me – she had just been to a funeral for an 83 year old who had recently fallen off her tricycle (!). I told her not to worry, I still had a few good years left in me yet.

  6. Oops….forgot to add that it’s cool that you also have a NH connection – and can even remember the name of the house where your niece was a caretaker!!


  7. Lynne Says:

    I left the list of the books I got at the library under the comments section on my blog, How much longer are you going to be on the wet coast?


  8. Janet Says:

    Hello Lynne – I replied on your blog. My stay on the wet coast as you so rightly put it has now been extended again. Repair work on the house continues and I am still unpacking – and enjoying it.

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