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Unpacking in Seattle February 5, 2010

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Well, I am making some progress in my unpacking despite being caught up in a swirl of  insurance claims, counterclaims. a construction company, a flooring company, a wall drying company, and who knows what else.  I am just carrying on with the unpacking in the unaffected parts of the house.  From these photographs you might not think I have made much progress but believe me, I have.

  clutter in back room upstairs, Feb. 2 approx.

  more clutter, last seen in Dublin November 16, 2009

  now we move down to the garage, chock a block full of cardboard boxes

  more boxes in the garage – I’ve made a narrow passage where I can maneuver between the piles of boxes to the right and to the left

And now a break from the unpacking to listen to 5 1/2 year old Caitlin reading – a great step forward.  Baby Ethan looks a bit glazed

Back to today’s summary photos – February 4 2010

   starting the day with a colourful sunrise

  kitchen area – no unpacking of these boxes – work still has to be done here to replace the flooring that was damaged the 2nd time  (n.b. we’ve had 2 incidents of water damage – the original damage in December when the frozen pipe burst, the 2nd damage when a dishwasher which wasn’t leaking originally was reconnected – and lo and behold, it LEAKED)

  the living room is a bit untidy as I pile up books etc. – eventually we will have bookcases where we can put all these books, and believe me, I have unpacked an endless number of books already and am sure they are more to be added

  the faulty dishwasher was taken away to be investigated – it has now been returned, all wrapped up looking like R2D2

  now I have a bit more space to move around in the garage

  a bit more room in the back room upstairs – it just takes a while to figure out where to put things like Ian’s canonball which is of great historical significance, St. Lucia 17…., 1972

   that pile of boxes on the right hand side of the garage is definitely getting smaller

The items in the container were numbered 1 to 254 – I might be 1/3 of the way through the boxes.  More work tomorrow.