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A Parallel Universe? February 11, 2010

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My husband tells me that he is settling in to a pattern of going out for lunch and then taking a swing round to the book shop to see if they have anything new – and he usually finds something to buy.  6000 miles away I have been following a similar pattern.  Not unfamiliar.  After all, we have tended to do this from our earliest days.  In Nairobi before we were married we often met for lunch and then would wander around a bookshop.  And this pattern has continued through the years whenever possible.  So that’s why there are so many books to unpack and I have to figure out where we are going to put our books in our new house.  Is it surprising that James and Susan have similar interests and are great book collectors and readers also? 

  James reading The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart to Caitlin and Ashley.  James was hoping he would like the book as well as the girls.  The jury is still out.

  Baby Ethan spreadeagled

   More unpacking to be done – I’m chipping away at unpacking the boxes which filled the garage.  When the repair work is completed in the bedrooms I’ll have much more room for distributing the contents of the boxes as they get emptied.

  I’m piling up things in the living room but these things will gradually be distributed to more appropriate places – the repair work in the kitchen and in the downstairs bedrooms and hallway should be completed withing the next 2 weeks.  Oh happy day when that happens.

  Now I have cleared the way to some shelving in the garage and am able to place books there.  That makes the unpacking so much easier.  No more lugging heavy books and photo albums etc. upstairs.

  I found something for Ethan in the unpacking – a surprise from Grandad

  Caitlin is now able to read on her own – a marvelous breakthrough!