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What Did I Unpack Today? February 12, 2010

Today Susan and I visited  a wonderful nursery – and I drove my son’s car there and back.  It was my first time driving in the States in years and years – so I had my tutor Susan beside me to help me with the mechanics of the car and the local traffic rules and most important of all, to stay on the correct side of the road.  Susan’s car failed us a few days ago and we had to be rescued by a friend.  And when we tried to go in her car again today it wouldn’t start – I think that car is destined for the scrap heap.  But that gave me the chance to say “let’s go in James’ car and I’ll try driving”.  James cycles to work so that leaves his car at home.  Riding a bicycle again was my other “first” last week.  

After collecting the girls from school, I went to our house to do some more unpacking.  What did I unpack?

2 whisks and other kitchen utensils

Ian’s heavy books

dinner plates

Ian’s heavy books

Some of my paperbacks

Boxes of photographs

More heavy books – Ian’s

2 lightweight garden chairs

Ian’s Enid Blyton Sunnyside Stories

a lovely warm jacket from Bhutan

4 lawn bowling woods, size 0 – my first woods, purchased in Kenya when I started lawn bowling at the Karen Country Club, Karen Blixen/Isak Dinesen’s former estate at the foot of the Ngong Hills.  When I used these bowling woods in Dublin I was told they weren’t acceptable for competitions as they were made in South Africa and did not have the official stamp of the British Association.  They are still very nice woods and I will use them here in Seattle.  Size 0 is possibly better for my small hand.

more of my craft books – some quite heavy, e.g. Peter Collingwood’s book on Rug Weaving – happily I have been clearing access to shelving in the garage and I can now shelve the books as I unpack them – that makes unpacking so much easier.

a number of my handknitted scarves – I usually take them to Kilternan Market in Dublin but now they are destined for a market in Seattle – maybe the McKee Family Market, which is going to be held once a month and where you can spend McKee dollars.  Ashley and Caitlin have spontaneously asked me to reserve a scarf for each of them – that warms a grandmother knitter’s heart!

The list could go on and on but I guess you get the idea.  At the end of the day, I’m beginning to think Ian actually has more books than I do, but it would be interesting to either do a count or do a weigh-in.

Now a few pictures –

  left hand side of the garage – it’s almost clear all the way to the overhead door – that computer monitor and the boxes on the left are not mine so I’ll have more space when those items are taken away.

  Koi (Carp) at the nursery

  the task for tomorrow – the right hand side of the garage

   shelving on the left hand side of the garage

  the empty boxes are piling up along the side of the house – this is almost my favourite part of unpacking – the satisfaction of adding another empty box to the pile – the recycle people are coming again on Monday so I’ll put all these boxes out for them to collect