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Dreams of An Art Studio February 17, 2010

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Actually all my days seem to be busy.  The weather has been so mild here that I had a hankering to check out the lawn bowling scene over at the zoo.  Good old google – I found the website for the lawn bowling club, phoned the given number, and was had a recorded message that the club was closed for the season.  Quite disappointing.  These Seattle lawn bowlers aren’t as hardy as their Dublin equivalents who bowl right through the winter.  Seattle is such an outdoor fun loving place – it’s probably a case of there not being an all weather surface for the bowling.  I say hooray to that.  I much prefer grass – for me that’s lawn bowling as it’s meant to be.

On Mondays and Tuesdays the local neighbourhood restaurants and bakery are closed.  Sad.  I could have gone for my morning coffee over at another place not far away but it was in the opposite direction from my house.  Only thing to do was to carry on with the unpacking.  The neighbourhood was very quiet.  The schools are off this week – no sign of children though – maybe they were all asleep.  I eventually got into the rhythm of unpacking and couldn’t wait to get on to the next box and add an empty one to the pile outside.  Not many boxes left.  And I even got started on making the garage into an art studio.  It gave me such satisfaction to put a couple of my sketches up on the garage wall…………………viz                                                                                                                                                                                                               

I wandered down to Ballard for lunch and enroute stopped at the glass studio.  They are having a sale – I am tempted.  I picked up a leaflet about the scrapmetal sculptures that they have there.  Ex-Nihilo Sculpture Park near Mt. Rainier is where they are usually displayed.        Here is quite an elaborate sample, a cowboy                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The metal sculpture I want to go back and look at tomorrow is not quite so fancy.

I wanted to watch some of the Olympic events happening to the north in Vancouver and Whistler.  With this in mind I went in to a bar on Market Street.  What a friendly place!  – a big poster showing Castles in Ireland and prominent signs for Guinness.  A big TV but alas the kitchen didn’t open until 4 p.m.  I was told though that I could get good food across the street and I was welcome to just bring it back to the bar and watch the TV.  Now that is Irish-American hospitality for you.  It was a good idea but I wandered along to an Italian pizza place instead  – very friendly as well and family run and a good TV.  I watched all through lunch but felt that I had seen very little – there was only commentary and many advertisements.  I perused a brochure about the monthly Ballard Art Walk when many of the art studios have open house.  It made me feel that I had moved to an Art Colony and I had visions of converting my garage to a twee art studio.  One of the Art Studios which was open last Saturday for the Art Walk calls itself ALSO.  I think its sign is a super piece of street architecture.               

I spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering the shops along Ballard Avenue.  I’ll show you my purchases another day.  I’ll just add that these shops have a lovely boutique feel to them.  A combination of up-market and urban renewal in the best sense.    Inevitably there is usually a dog waiting patiently outside the shops while its master or mistress wanders about inside.  I am making a collection of photos of patiently waiting canines.