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A Long Walk on a Beautiful Day February 20, 2010

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It was a beautiful clear day here in Seattle and the temperature got up into the 60’s Fahrenheit.  How’s that for winter mildness.  I’m afraid the bees are getting confused.  And the skiers are rushing to the slopes up in the Cascades before all the snow disappears.

I set out to go to the University District today.  I checked in at the house and found that all was under control and that progress was being made on the kitchen floor.  I walked down the hill to catch the bus along Market Street.  I just missed a bus and it was such a nice day I decided to walk for a while.  I knew there was a hill to climb but I didn’t realized it went on for so long.  I was rewarded with sweeping views of the snow-covered Olympic Mountains.  I finally reached the top and a more level stretch – and decided I had walked enough when I saw a lady waiting at the bus stop.  I figured a bus must be coming soon – and it did.  On I went to the University District.  First stop – Half Price Books.  Quite typically, I found a lot of interest, including 3 Larry McMurtry books, a Henning Mankell book, 2 knitting books, and a book on weaving rag rugs. 

 Then, resisting a strong urge to go to Weaving Works, I went for  lunch at the Pizza Place.  Refreshed, I walked to the bicycle store to pick up some blocks for the pedals on the tandem – now it will be easier for the girls to reach the pedals.  Smiley, the purveyor of tandems, also sells other bikes.  And he has just the bike for me.  I like the looks of it in the catalog and he can add a carrier and fenders and provide of saddle to my liking – i.e. customize it to suit me perfectly.  I am tempted.  He is smiling from ear to ear.

After the bike shop, I called in next door to a violin maker.  That was a treat to see his workshop.  We discussed violins for 7-8 year olds.  And then I paused for coffee at Hennekers – a brand I hadn’t heard of.  To be frank, the coffee wasn’t exactly to my taste but the ambience was fine.  Some interesting craft work on the walls.  Back to the University District, and yes I stopped at Weaving Works before I caught the bus back to Ballard.

   the bakery has been closed for the past few days – the baker was sick – but today it reopened and there were a lot of happy people and canines

   here is the man working on the kitchen floor

  the cherry trees are now in bloom – this is early – the weather here is about a month out   i.e. March weather in February

  another glorious fruit tree

  my book purchases – 3 Larry McMurtry, a Henning Mankell, and 2 knitting books, and a book on rag rugs

       posters on the wall at Pagliacci’s Pizza

  Weaving Works – lots of treasures inside this store