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Market Day At Home And Abroad February 23, 2010

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Yesterday was a great Market Day.  It marked the opening of the McKee Market and after fevered preparation and anticipation it opened with a flourish.  Trading was brisk.  Numerous works of art were for sale.  I SOLD MY FIRST PAINTING.  Maybe I should word that differently.  I made my first sale of one of my paintings.  That’s a break through for me, the occasional aspiring artist.   

In the afternoon I went to Fremont Market – a very popular Sunday market here in Seattle.  I wandered up and down eyeing various treasures.  I spotted 2 rugs from Ecuador and thought of buying them – to add to our rug collection.  Talked with some people about needle felting – they loved the craft and had made some truly magical figures.  Again, I planned to buy something from them.  I talked with a man I’ve seen at the Market over the years – he deals in Connemara socks and some handspun wool from his own sheep.  I met a spinner and knitter – she had a Lendrum spinning wheel and was knitting a scarf from her handspun.  I met a knitter of wrist warmers.  And I met Shanti, who has lived in Nepal, India, Japan and I don’t know where else.  She loves fairs.  I bought some postcards from her.  And I found out from here how to get space at the Market and also where to buy a tent for shelter – particularly when it rains.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day that it was hard to believe that a day would come when you would need shelter – but I know this mild sunny weather is unusual and one must be prepared for harsher days.

A few sample pictures from the day – not necessarily in the order in which events occured

   beautifully knitted wrist warmers at Fremont Market

   Ashley and Caitlin contemplating what to purchase at the McKee Market

   Ashley’s art work at the Market


  my items for sale at the McKee Market

   At Fremont Market – Size 3 Henselite Bowling Woods – I was actually sorely tempted by these at $100

  Guitar for sale at Fremont

   Caitlin’s art work


  resident cat in the sunny window at Orphelia’s Books in Fremont.  My main reason in going over to Fremont was to go to this bookstore to look for books by Henning Mankell.  Alas, no Henning Mankell books but I did find a knitting book and a couple of old paperback westerns.  As I perused the shelves I saw quite a few books by Dick Francis – reminding me that he passed away last week.  A champion jockey and a champion writer.

  my new friend Shanti who terms herself an ageing hippie

   my latest blanket – blanket no. 8?

   one of my favourite knitting books which has come to light in the unpacking