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Rugs in Review February 27, 2010

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From an early age it was rug making that interested me the most in the line of textile work.  I made a number of rya rugs using those pre-cut lengths of wool and I also made braided rugs and pompom rugs.  When I went to college I took my rug making materials but hardly had time to do any rugs.  A long gap occurred until the children started to come along and then I returned to rug making.  So there are many rugs in my past – many have been sold, some have just disappeared, and some have been used and used and used and are still with us.  Here are some pictures showing some of them in use now in our Seattle house.

  flat woven rug, woven on my Glimakra loom in Bhutan, 1986

   flat weave with rya, done in Bhutan, 1986

  circular braided rug, done using 3 strands of rug wool, Dublin, c. 1997

  crocheted rug, Dublin, c. 1998

   card woven strips joined to make a rug, Dublin, c. 1984

  hand tufted rug based on a Norwegian design, c. 1971

In another post I’ll show my inventory of rugs for sale.  My stock is low but I do plan to get a big loom again and get back to what I like doing most.

One of the first books I had about rug making was Fern Carter’s Braided Rug Book.  I acquired this in the 1950’s.  It was  a favourite and I browsed it many times.  Fern Carter lived in Oregon.  I no longer have my copy of the book but now that we are back on the West Coast maybe I will be lucky and will find a copy 2nd hand.


Colours of February

February is zipping by – it’s time to put up my colours before the month is gone completely.  And it’s an excuse to put up more photos of February in this part of the world – Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.  February 2010 has been a very mild month here, possibly the mildest February on record.  The birds and bees and trees are a bit confused as are the humans – but we have been enjoying our weather and marvelling at it.  The predominant colour now as we near the end of the month is PINK.  The cherry trees are glorious and we also have colour in our skies.


   the forsythia are reflecting the good weather

  I think this is a chenomeles (sp.?)         and this was a magical moment when the Fairy Tale Mt. Rainier was illuminated in a pink evening glow

   and this was the moon at 2 a.m. on Thursday Feb. 25


    my new project, a crocheted blanket – started near the end of February – the colour looks grey here but it is closer to pale lavender

   and this is a painting with many grey tones.  I found it today in my unpacking.  The artist is Peggy Lewin who was the wife of the Burmese Ambassador to Bangladesh in the early 1980’s.  We purchased the painting at an exhibition featuring paintings by Peggy Lewin; ceramics by Carol Kabir, a potter; and woven rugs by myself, a weaver.