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Some Colours of March in Seattle March 31, 2010

Only a few more hours to post my colours of March, so here is my selection.  First, to the left – our new doormat

and below, a colourful sweater being modelled at the Whittier Elementary School Science Fair.

    The person who made the granny square sweater does not knit or crochet.  She is an expert seamstress and she made it from an old afghan and a knitted garment she found in a thrift store.  It’s called recycling!  I love it.

  my grandaughter Ashley’s science fair project – note Ashley is wearing a matching pink jersey and socks for the occasion.  Is that to match all the pink cherry blossoms in Seattle this month?

  with better weather the cycling season is beginning in earnest

  window display of old science fiction paperbacks in Ophelia’s Books in Fremont  – serious time for book browsing

  knitting with Franklin thanks to Renaissance Yarns in Kent, south of Seattle

  Colourful wall graffitti in Fremont

   one of the many mountains of papers from the unpacking

  beautiful flowers appearing everywhere

  and finally the fresh green of Spring


3 Responses to “Some Colours of March in Seattle”

  1. Thanks for sharing your March colors!! I’m happy to see more flowers in other people’s blogs….hopefully we’ll have flowers outdoors here this month too!

    I’m intrigued by Amazon Fresh. I haven’t heard of it and have to go check it out since I’m a huge Amazon fan!! (Living at the edge of commerce here in NH, I end up shopping online a lot!)


  2. jeanfromcornwall Says:

    Just looked at your spring colours – you are a week or two ahead of us: my Bergenia is just breaking colour into its buds.

    I wonder how we compare by latitude?

  3. Janet Says:

    I’ll check the map.

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