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Irish Word for Today April 23, 2010

Filed under: Animals,Irish language,Jigsaw Puzzles,Kenya — Janet @ 7:51 pm

The Irish Word for Today is eilifint = elephant.  Very appropriate since we went to Dublin Zoo today with family and friends.

  the Nile Crocodile seen through the glass

  the big sea lion doing a big leap

  a bongo in the distance  – an African animal I had never seen – it is found in Central and West Africa – it reminded me a bit of the big Sable Antelope which we saw in the Shimba Hills Reserve near Mombasa on the Kenya Coast.

  flamingoes – more orange than pink and swimming about rather than walking along in shallow water at Lake Nakuru in Kenya

  a rather poor picture taken through glass, but that’s a Snow Leopard up above those big rocks – at least I got to see one today.  At the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle the Snow Leopard domain was open but the snow leopards themselves were in hiding, not to be seen the day we were there

  this picture doesn’t do justice to this magnificent tiger – an Amur Tiger from Eastern Russia – what a beautiful animal.  I couldn’t help but think what a nice jigsaw puzzle could be made.

  some of our “gang” en route to the exit

It was really a fun day.


4 Responses to “Irish Word for Today”

  1. Joanna Says:

    One of my happy memories is our visit to the Dublin Zoo. Something adventurous happened there – like an ostrich bit my husband, but I am not quite sure if that was it. Will ask him and follow up. J

  2. Bettina Says:

    we’ve been to the zoo almost every year the last few springs. last year that tiger (at least I assume it’s the same:)) nearly gave me a heart attack! I stood in front of that window for a long time and searched for him…. no luck! all of a sudden he marches out from behind the closed wall right into the window and snarls at me – boohoo:)) they look beautiful and majestic -but right up so close – also extremely frightening!
    but at least DS had a good laugh about me – something frightens his mum, can’t be all bad:))

  3. Kaysea Says:

    Great photos of exhibits at the zoo! especially the snow leopard… I’d love to visit the Dublin zoo

  4. Joanna Says:

    That was it! An ostrich bit him! He must have been doing something naughty!

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