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Art Work May 3, 2010

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Over the years I have dabbled in trying to be an artist.  My early efforts were the paint by numbers kits that were so popular when I was growing up – and I still see them in the art and hobby shops today, 60+ years on.  I even painted a picture on a wastebasket – it was quite attractive – at least to me. 

Spurred on by my very enjoyable Art Group which meets once a week at Kenilworth Bowling Club, I have been doing some painting, with acrylics this time.  

  my photo that was the starting point

  this is the painting I started last Friday.  Poppies used to be in the Dundrum Town Centre.   When what was the big hole in the ground was filled in to make an ice rink, access was needed along the route in front of Poppies – Poppies disappeared and hasn’t returned.  It was a nice spot for a cup of coffee and I do like the building very much.  Fortunately the building is still there.

  Poppies 2

I think there will be a Poppies 3 – I rather like trying different colours and seeing what happens

  this is an aide memoire to try to learn the basic chords for guitar – rather pale, treating the acrylics almost like watercolours with a pale wash

Last night there were two very interesting programmes on TV.  One about Andy Warhol and the other about David Hockney.   Here are photos from the internet.

  Andy Warhol, 1977

  David Hockney

  David Hockney

The art work has taken over from the lawn bowling this holiday weekend.  Besides it’s still a bit cool to be out on the green for 3 or 4 hours.  BUT, I wrote a letter to the Irish Times about lawn bowling, The Sport for All Ages and it was published in today’s paper.


One Response to “Art Work”

  1. Joanna Says:

    wow! What a bunch of accomplishments! Beautiful artwork and a letter in the Irish Times. When we lived there, I read Maeve Binchey and Nell McCafferty religiously.

    The acrylic paintings are lovely.

    I keep thinking about my postcard, but not thinking about it when it is possible to get one. What is my deadline to send it to Ireland?

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