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Full Moon Over Hong Kong May 27, 2010

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The view from the apartment here in Hong Kong is quite spectacular.  It’s not for those who have a fear of heights but now there is netting up on the balcony so the fear is lessened and in the moonlight all one sees is twinkling lights and not that steep bottomless drop over the edge of the balcony.  I can’t seem to find the right photo to show but here are a few others.

view from the apartment balcony – through the netting

in downtown Hong Kong on the way to the dedicated bus on Edinburgh Place.  I’m waiting for the bus to Parkview

nighttime view from the apartment  balcony

yesterday and the day before I went in search of KNITTING.  This is my latest blanket left behind in Dublin.  The knitting that I went in search of here in Hong Kong was in the Shin Hwa art gallery on Aberdeen Street.  The “art”  I was looking for was a knitted piece which looked surprisingly similar to my blanket – only it was a work by Movana Chen and consisted of shredded paper knit from books read by a friend.  The main difference was that Movana Chen’s piece was mainly black and white and is selling for thousands of U.S. dollars.  Hmm.  I wonder if I should follow a lead here.  I had read about her work in an art magazine.  I’ll try to extract more information for my next blog – for now I’m going to head off to town (Central) again and roam about some more.  The Art Museum in Kowloon is closed on Thursday so I will save that for another day but there is plenty to keep me busy on this side of the Harbour.  For one, the Sun Yat Sen Museum is very near the art gallery I found yesterday.

a Hong Kong registered container ship due to enter the Port of Rotterdam    (photo courtesy of Ship of the Day)


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