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More News From Hong Kong May 28, 2010

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Not too much news about Hong Kong itself – but more about the family.  I came to Hong Kong for 2 reasons.  One to see the Hong Kong family and welcome the new baby, born today.  A baby girl.  The imminent birth coincided with a 40th birthday  which we celebrated earlier in the week with a dinner with 12 or so friends at the Hong Kong Cricket Club.  The Club dates from the 1840’s although not in its present location just down the hill from where the family lives on an upper floor in a tall tower block.  The Club was previously located in the Central area and only moved in the 1980’s.  You can imagine the pressure on land in Central as the skyscrapers went up and up.  Everywhere I looked at the Cricket Club I spotted a famous name from the long history of cricket and the private dining room where we had a scrumptious meal was named the Willow Room.  Since 1997 Hong Kong has been a part of China.  I keep pinching myself to remind me that I am in China now and not some colonial time warp.   As the name implies, cricket is the mainstay of the Club but I’m told that lawn bowling is a close second.  Hooray.  I would love to have a roll-up.  There are 2 greens, one a real lawn green and the other an artificial surface.  There are many tennis courts also and swimming pools.

Hong Kong is famous for shopping and that’s what I’ve been doing.  Yesterday my objective was to find a swim suit – found a good one in Marks & Spencers, after spending a lot of time in H&M.  These stores are the more reasonably priced ones – everywhere I look I see more upmarket names like Gucci and Armani.  This place puts Dundrum Town Centre in the shade.

I did have a good time window shopping among the art galleries and the antique shops.

vegetable dye rug and a Tiger Rug displayed behind.    I didn’t go inside the shop to enquire for more information about this particular rug displayed in the window.  At the Hayward in London 20+ years ago, there was a marvelous exhibition of these rare Tiger Rugs from Tibet.

traffic in Central Hong Kong

embroidery frame in the window

relatively modest buildings

statues on Hollywood Road in Soho, the antiques and art galleries area


3 Responses to “More News From Hong Kong”

  1. Freyalyn Says:

    My father’s played several times at Hong Kong Cricket Ground – his name will probably be up on the boards somewhere. I’m really enjoying your travel writings….

  2. Janet Says:

    As we swept through the sacred corridors I could only cast a glance at the various boards – but I did tell my family about “I have a friend bla bla bla. The dull response, if at all, ….oh. And then of course the comments move on to whatever. Son Andrew is a cricket fan but not a rabid one.

  3. Kaysea Says:

    congratulations to you, Amanda and Andrew on the arrivallfo
    of baby girl! Glad to know all is well. Cheers

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