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Tai Tam Trails or Tales June 3, 2010

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In Hong Kong I was staying in one of the tall towers of a large apartment complex, Parkview Tai Tam.     The complex has its own supermarket, international nursery school, playgrounds for children of various ages, swimming pools, tennis courts, and a dedicated bus to the central area of Hong Kong.      Parkview, photo from wikipedia

  Parkview bus   (photo from Wikipedia)

  Hong Kong Parkview swimming pool  (photo from Wikipedia)

It was easy to venture forth from Parkview.  Take the lift down down down and then either go for a walk or take the bus to town.  As I rode in the bus, I was very aware of hikers coming up the hill to go off on one of the hiking trails.  This area is very popular for weekend hikers.  And also a very handy location for walking the family dogs, in our case 2 Golden Labradors, who need frequent exercising.

 In reading about Sir David Wilson (see my previous post), I learned a bit more about the hiking trails in the hills of Hong Kong.  I saw that Sir David had a hiking trail named after him.   The trail is 78 km.  Now that’s a good hike.  It opened in 1996.        Wilson trail (photo from Wikipedia)


One Response to “Tai Tam Trails or Tales”

  1. mary lou Says:

    I’ve been really enjoying the travelogue, although I haven’t commented. Thanks for the pointer to the Doris Lessing Book, too. I read a review of it, and meant to add it to my list, but forgot of course. Off to see if the library has it.

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