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Changing Colours June 8, 2010

Filed under: China,Colours,Hong Kong,Ireland,Postal history — Janet @ 11:33 am

Changing from red to green – when the British handed over Hong Kong to China on July 1 1997, the colour of the postal service changed from red to green.  I wonder at what point the men (and women?) were out there with their paint brushes all around the Territory.  Would it have happened close to midnight?  I read in wikipedia that these classic pillar boxes which were painted green in 1997 have gradually been phased out of use and replaced with a new design.  However, I did find, again in wikipedia, a green reminder of earlier years.

  classic red pillar box in the Museum Gallery in the Central Post Office, Hong Kong

  part of the ceremony at the Handover   (photo from Wikipedia)

  one of the last colonial post boxes, in Central, a Scottish Crown Type C   (photo from wikipedia)

  Post Office in Stanley

  Central Post Office

  new design of Hong Kong post box

  historic franking stamps in the Post Office Museum Gallery

This transition from red to green has lead me to wonder when it took place in Ireland – presumably following Independence in 1922.   Unlike in Hong Kong, many of the historic boxes still remain.  They just get fresh coats of paint.

  VR pillar box in Kilkenny  (photo from wikipedia)


2 Responses to “Changing Colours”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I love the green Irish post boxes. Far more attractive than the utilitarian article found here.

  2. Freyalyn Says:

    Nice eye for detail – I’d never thought about post boxes changing colour.

    Presumably they’re red in Northern Ireland?

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