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St. Nahi’s – Local History June 15, 2010

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St. Nahi’s is a small church here in Dundrum/Churchtown, Dublin, Ireland.  It is located on a very ancient site where it is thought there was a monastic settlement as early as the 7th century. 

The source for the following is the Taney Parish website

St Nahi’s Church

St Nahi’s stands on the original site of Dundrum Parish Church where according to official records, a church was built about 800AD probably on the ruins of a still older building. It was dedicated to St Nathy or Nahi – a Saint of the very early Irish Church who is thought to have lived in a monastery at Churchtown about 600AD.  St Nahi’s was rebuilt several times – in 950, 1650 and in 1750.The present restoration was completed in 1910

The present St Nahi’s Church was erected in the middle of the 18th Century.  It was consecrated on 8th June 1760.  It was designed as a simple rectangular box shape.

 photo from Wikipedia

  photo from Wikipedia

Following are some of my photos taken earlier this month.



  St. Naithi’s graveyard (photo from the Taney website)



  view of St. Nahi graveyard from upstairs in the Dundrum Library where I meet once a week with Cupla Focla, the Irish speaking group

  Dundrum Library, to the left is a little lane which runs behind the graveyard

  Dundrum Library


One Response to “St. Nahi’s – Local History”

  1. mary lou Says:

    Thanks for all the good info, Janet. I had a brief trip down memory lane when I saw the Golden Notebook. I read it when I was about 19, and it was really an eye opener for me.

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