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Artists of New England June 28, 2010

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In my previous post about the fishing town of Gloucester Massachusetts, I mentioned Edward Hopper as one of the artists who painted there.  Just by coincidence, last week I was browsing in Oxfam and I found a big book about this early 20th century American artist.


The book has reproductions of many many paintings plus a lot of information about the artist.  Alas, a previous owner cut out paintings from 4 of the pages, but still there are more than enough paintings to make the book worth having.  It is just annoying to think that someone would treat a book like that.

Edward Hopper was born in Nyack New York in 1882.  This is a hand tinted postcard (from the book) of the view along the river front in Nyack.  My uncle’s mother was an artist of the same generation as Hopper and one of her specialties was the hand tinting of postcards.  She was part of the artist colony in Ogunquit Maine where I mentioned previously that Hopper did some of his paintings.  She, Mimi Ireland, probably knew Hopper and his wife personally.   Some of Mimi Ireland’s work is in the Ogunquit Museum of American Art and in fact there is a room named after her just to the left as you go in to the Museum.  Mimi, and her sister, Alma were like grandmothers to me when I worked for them one summer in Ogunquit.  For many years they had a shop, the Brush and Needle Studio, in Perkins Cove and they sold art materials, gifts, and ladies dresses.  What used to be the Brush and Needle is now Barnacle Billy’s.  The summer I worked for them, I was accommodated in a small room up over the shop and the fishermen kept their dories on the stones underneath.  I cooked for these 2 lovely ladies and also worked in the shop.  I wish I had explored in greater depth the art history of the Cove.  I was certainly aware of the fishermen’s cottages (shacks) and the beauty of the area and I even did a bit of sketching myself.  I would love to spend more time there now 50+ years on.

  another reproduction from the book, The Dories, Ogunquit, 1914


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