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Crochet – A Mighty Big Blanket August 10, 2010

Filed under: Blankets,Crochet,Graphic design,Photography — Janet @ 3:21 am

  I’m going to call this finished.  I still have to sew in the stray threads but I won’t be going round and round again.  It’s almost double bed size.  This is the next big crochet blanket which I need to finish.  Superimposed on the earlier one it is quite big already.

Seattle Photo for Today – this struck me as being an iconic image of America         a huge Ford truck – strikingly red.  I just love the graphic design on the side of the truck.                

And you certainly know the contents – BUDWEISER.  A delivery was being made to the Mexican bar/restaurant on 70th street, not far from our house.


One Response to “Crochet – A Mighty Big Blanket”

  1. Kaysea Says:

    Jan, Love the photo of the beer delivery truck. While Gordon and I house sat in La Paz, BCS we would hear a broadcast tune from a Coca Cola truck which delivered 5 gallon water containers. When we wanted a delivery we hurried out to the street and waved at the driver. It seems to me the price for a jug was 8 pesos…and we would buy 5, return the empties and the driver or his assistant would carry the new ones into the house! Such service. KC

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