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Time Capsule November 16, 2010

Filed under: Air travel,Family,Family history,Time zones,Travel — Janet @ 5:57 pm

Idle thought for today – as I write this, one of our sons is living his day 3 hours of us, another son is 13 1/2 hours ahead of us, and 3rd son is a whopping 16 hours ahead of us.  Our day has hardly begun and today is almost tomorrow for our son in India and it is already  tomorrow for our son in Hong Kong.

Now let’s go backwards, so to speak.  Here’s a photo I found recently as we continue our unpacking.     This was taken in December 1982 when we were living in Bangladesh.  The boys are in running step near our house in Gulshan.  (We lived next door to the Saudi Arabian Ambassador.)  James is the one in blue socks and  the boy with him is Marcus…..).


2 Responses to “Time Capsule”

  1. David Says:

    Great post Mom. Keep the photos coming as you continue to unpack.

    Sent to you from the future (3 hours). Actually I was in Bermuda this morning (4 hours) but am now back in Boston.

  2. jstwndrng Says:

    Wow, Janet, your family is like the British Empire. The sun never sets on it.

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