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Thinking of Our Dublin Cat Slinki January 2, 2011

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We were sad to leave our cat Slinki behind when we moved from Dublin to Seattle but we felt that we were leaving him in good hands – well looked after by cat-loving  neighbours and his pal Charlie to play with.  We have had good news recently from friends and neighbours that Slinki is indeed alive and well and enjoying still being in his familiar territory.  This was after an initial period of mewing outside our recently vacated home for a couple of weeks after we departed.  All he had to do was go around the corner to his new home but I guess he was slow to adjust.  By this time maybe he has forgotten us but we still think of him often and are glad that he is doing well in his move back to his original environs.  Our last sighting of him in Dublin was when we were scrambling to get ourselves and our luggage into the taxi at 7 a.m. and at the same time we were trying to keep him from getting back into the house.  I felt terrible shooing him away.

In our unpacking today I came across this splendid purchase which I made some years ago in London.

And on my walk this afternoon on this bright sunny New Year’s Day 2011, I found 2 cats just basking in the rays.  The black cat is more sheltered in the archway to the upper left          the black and white cat is getting the full benefit of this early afternoon sunshine.  I wonder if they are secretly thinking bah and humbug to the racoons.

Maybe 2011 will see us getting a cat to be with us here in our home in Seattle.


One Response to “Thinking of Our Dublin Cat Slinki”

  1. Bonnie Mairs Says:

    You must get a cat! Your life will not be perfect until you find another cat. I liked your black cat Slinki. My black cat Sammy has a thyroid condition and is very skinny. Get another balck cat. You won’t regret it.

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