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What Were They Reading Then, cont. January 29, 2011

Filed under: Authors,Books,Social history,U. S. History — Janet @ 2:02 am

Still thinking about the books that my grandparents might have read, I have come across an author whose work my grandmothers probably read, and my mother and aunts would have read her novels, and also my sisters and I.  She spanned 3 generations of readers.  Edna Ferber.  That name rang a bell.  Born in 1885, a novelist, short story writer, and  playwright, died in April 1968, 2 months after my marriage in February 1968 (not that that bears any relevance to her achievements – just places her and myself in a certain time frame)

 Edna Ferber, a feminist in her time.  The female characters in her novels are strong protagonists.   A journalist who covered the political conventions of 1920.  Yet another activist from the Middle West.  Born in Michigan, grew up in Wisconsin.  A spokeswoman for social justice.


2 Responses to “What Were They Reading Then, cont.”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I read several Edna Ferber novels, right about the time you were getting married. Actually, a while before that, as I was still in high school. I recall that I liked them and had a little Edna Ferber reading streak.

  2. mlegan Says:

    Didn’t she write what became “Showboat?”

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