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More Postcards Relating to Spinning February 1, 2011

       caption for the above postcard, Old Woman at Spinning-wheel by E.E. Taylor, 1886.  Published by J. Arthur Dixon Ltd., Great Britain, and Printed by them for the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Co. Down, N. Ireland

       caption for painting above – Standing Spinner, Jean Francois Millet, French, 1814-1875, Oil on canvas……


Vintage Knitting Pattern Book

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A recent purchase was made of this vintage knitting pattern book.  This was my find last Saturday when I went to the local yarn store – The Tea Cozy Yarn Store.  A wonderful book of vintage Norwegian knitting patterns.  I don’t know if I will ever have the patience to knit one of these sweaters but I am feeling rather tempted.  Even if I never knit one, I just love looking at the patterns.  And some of the book is in Norwegian so I can practice my language skills – people ask why are you taking a Norwegian language course Janet – well, now I have an answer for them – to knit Norwegian sweaters following the instructions in the language in which they were written.  Could I put that on a label?  I know, I know, some of you are going to say, just follow the chart or read the instructions in English, but I like the idea of learning the language and finding a practical application.


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Peer Gynt yarn.

The closest I have come, and it isn’t very close, to knitting a Norwegian type sweater was this pattern, many years ago.

  at least the colours are Norwegian.  I think I knit this when James (in the blue sweater) was a toddler and Andrew (in a red sweater I knit) was still an infant.  The pattern was Paton’s – not Norwegian at all.  And I remember being so focused on trying to do the pattern and not drop any stitches – James came along wanting some attention and as I did not want to be interrupted at that crucial moment I’m ashamed to say I gave him a thump.   A spontaneous reaction, not deliberate.  Oh dear.  Knitting and violence, or worse, child abuse?