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Living in Magnolia – 50 Years Ago February 6, 2011

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As many of my readers know, once upon a time I lived in Seattle – that was 50 years ago and I shared a house in Magnolia with 2 teachers, Jody and Mary Ann.  We were a companiable threesome for about 8 months from October 1959 – June 1960.  My sojurn in Seattle was part of the follow-on from that summer of 1959 after I had finished my Master’s Degree in Geography at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois.  I was footloose and fancy free.  My “reward” for completing my degree was that 2 month trip to Europe – cycling in England and Scandinavia and then a 2nd month of travel.  In my case I teamed up with 2 others from the hostel group and we picked up a brandnew VW beetle in Geneva, and then headed south to explore Avignon and Arles and then Carcassonne, Andorra, Barcelona, Zaragotha, San Sebastian, the Loire Valley, and finally Paris.

Then upon my return from Europe there was that road trip in September from Boston to Chicago to attend a wedding of Middlebury classmates.  The wedding I did not attend because another road trip was due to depart momentarily from Chicago (Evanston) across the country on Route 66 to Palm Springs California.  Then it was on to Los Angeles, north to San Francisco, and then why not north again to Seattle to visit another Middlebury classmate, Rachel.  End result – I was offered a job with an urban planning consultancy firm, Puget Planners.  Rachel found me a place to live – a house to share with 2 teachers on 28th Avenue West in Magnolia.  So sort of by chance I was offered the job while temporarily visiting Seattle, I accepted on the condition that I was given time to go back East to collect my belongings.  Back I went via Greyhound Bus.  And when I got back East I wondered why I had ever agreed to that job, but honor was honor, and so I turned around and took the train back to Seattle to start work in late October 1959

The house in Magnolia had a big picture window looking West to the Olympics and I remember especially the beautiful sunsets.  What a view!

to be continued