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P.S. No. 1 to Living in Magnolia February 7, 2011

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Following on from my post yesterday I should have explained why I was living in Magnolia as opposed to living in West Seattle with my Middlebury friend.  Said friend already had a roommate or house sharer –  A woman named Shirley whom Rachel had met through her church.  Shirley was Japanese/American or American/Japanese.  In any event Shirley was part of the Japanese community here in Seattle during the Second World War and she had been among those Japanese Americans who were interned for the duration of the War.  I must ask Rachel to fill me in on more of Shirley’s background.  But what got me thinking about all this now in 2011 is that I have just read a book about this aspect of World War II.  The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.  Jamie lives here in Seattle and on Saturday he was giving a talk about his book.  This was to take place down in the Ballard Library at 2 o’clock.   So down I went, on my bicycle, arriving close to 2.  As I parked my bike, I noted a bus in front of me and a number of people struggling to descend from the bus and get their walking frames set up so that they could go – guess where – the library.  Yes, people were streaming into the library from all directions – and the room was packed, wall to wall.  I didn’t stay – disappointed but I could see that it wasn’t going to be the cosy intimate chat with the author such as I had anticipated.  I guess I was being naive.  An excellent book of great local interest, particularly to older people, but suitable for all ages.