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A London Postcard February 13, 2011

Filed under: History,Ireland,Postage stamps,Postal history,Postcards — Janet @ 5:49 am

A postcard from 1957.  Rather nice images of London.  A House of Commons postmark and a 3 penny purple stamp with a very young queen.  And addressed to a Dr. John Mackey or MacKay on Carysfort Avenue in Blackrock County Dublin.  No relation that I know of.

A link regarding the stamp explains that this stamp was known as one of the Wilding issues – they were based on photographs by a Dorothy Wilding.


2 Responses to “A London Postcard”

  1. Niall Mackey Says:

    That’s a card from my father (visiting London) to my brother.
    Did you notice the House of Commons postmark?

  2. Niall Mackey Says:

    Just re-read it: you saw the postmark!

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