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My Grandfather’s House February 15, 2011

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My grandfather’s house=my father’s childhood home.  I wrote an entry recently about my father’s childhood home and one of my readers has pursued the thread and tried to find more information for me.  Thanks again Matt.  Right at my fingertips though was a good source of information that I was overlooking.  Namely a book written by a cousin of the next generation.  The book is about my grandfather, Brevet Major Charles Dana Miller, and Barbara, one of the compilers, writes that my grandfather (her great grandfather) married Mary Murdock (my grandmother) in 1882 and they lived at 285 Buena Vista Street there in Newark.  

  Newark Ohio,  285 Buena Vista Street, built in 1870,  owned (?) by my grandfather from 1882-?,  photo taken in 1960

  Struggle for the Life of the Republic – it’s all about my grandfather, Charles Dana Miller.


3 Responses to “My Grandfather’s House”

  1. jstwndrng Says:

    I actually read a little sample of this online and your grandfather definitely was a good writer in my opinion. To have the views and experiences of the Civil War from a family member who lived through it would be a real treasure.

  2. Linda Says:

    House is still standing, always wondered who may have resided here in its early day. I always thought it had to have been a grand home at one time

  3. Linda Says:

    Sadly this house was recently torn down, it went through a foreclosure. I am sure it was a beautiful home in its day.

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