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Reviewing the Situation February 18, 2011

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There’s a wonderful  song which Fagin sings in the  British musical Oliver!  This was a very popular musical in many ways.  I first saw it in London in the West End in 1961.  It was later performed on Broadway.  And even later it was performed at the American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1983.  Almost simultaneously I think it was performed at Wesley College in Dublin Ireland.  Son James had the role of Oliver in the Bangladesh production and the fellow who was to become his best pal at Wesley had that role in the Wesley College production.  Coincidence.  

At AIS/D all those songs from Oliver! were sung many times by those 7th and 8th graders of yesteryear.

 “I’m Reviewing the Situation.”  (The lyrics can be found here.)   Well, that’s what I’m doing, although in a slightly different context.  Our car was stolen earlier this week, from our very own driveway.  And now I’m hearing of armed robberies recently, again in our new neighbourhood.    So, I am thinking of that song.

  James as Oliver, 1983, Dhaka, Bangladesh